Dr. Claus Stickler

Managing Director & Global Co-Lead @ Allianz Investment Management SE

Claus Stickler has been Managing Director and Global Co-Lead of Allianz Investment Management SE (AIM) since January 2017, where he previously served as Global Chief Operating Officer. With a portfolio of more than EUR 650 billion, AIM as global investment function is responsible for the investment of all insurance portfolios within Allianz Group. The company has locations in Germany, Italy, France, Singapore and the USA. Since 1999 and until 2008 Claus Stickler held various senior management positions at Allianz Asset Management and Allianz Global Investors (asset management companies of Allianz Group). From 1993 to 1998, Claus Stickler worked for McKinsey & Company, most recently as an engagement manager. He holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in economics and serves in advisory boards in the following companies: AIM Singapore, Allianz Capital Partners, Allianz Real Estate, Investment Data Services, Metafinanz and MoneyFarm.