easyfeed.io is the innovative cloud and AI solution for Market Data cost control. Ever increasing needs of data and the subtle pricing models of data vendors have made the follow up of market data costs, its rationalization of usage and its cost allocation very difficult. Financial institutions and companies worldwide rely on easyfeed to reduce their market data spend to the minimum and to make sure that they are getting the most return from their investments. With easyfeed, market data managers are able to:

  • Monitor data usage and cost in real-time throughout their whole organization
  • Get alerted of data policy breach via smart alerts
  • Automate internal cost allocation and invoicing processes
  • Generate standard and custom reports on data usage optimization
  • Analyze instantly and store vendors´ invoices and complex verification reports
  • Follow-up on data usage improvements via a month-to-month comparison
  • Perform what-if simulations
  • And many more…

easyfeed is a unique and easy solution as there is no need to install hardware or software: all processing takes place in a secured cloud environment without any copyrighted data being stored or processed. It can be set-up in a matter of days and is compatible with any specific client´s infrastructure or any existing EDM vendor solution.