At Macrobond, we make a research platform for people who work with economic and financial time series analysis. But we don’t refer to ourselves as a leading provider. We prefer to focus on our clients’ success, rather than talk about our own. When we listen, understand, and respond to what our users need, with the best that technology can offer, we see that they are happy, productive, and successful. In the end it usually comes down to three things, a database that evolves, tools designed to enhance their performance, and account managers and support staff who listen and react. More than just a highly efficient way to work, the Macrobond application is a product and service that puts the user’s experience and needs at the center. Macrobond Financial is a privately held, international company with offices located in Sweden, the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Poland.


Macrobond Financial
Hallenborgs Gata 13
Malmö 211 19

Mr. Mattias Lundin
Phone: +46 40 606 5561