Phil Perrott

Head of DataLAB in FENICS Market Data @ BGC Partners

Phil’s early career began as an IDB before joining one of his clients, Bank Austria and then Hypovereinsbank, to run a team of Emerging Market Sales Traders.  Following a move to the Bank of Montreal in 2006 Phil’s team successfully traded and unwound complex portfolios during the volatility of 2007 and 2008.  This exercise identified a need for more advanced / collaborative risk reduction and analytical techniques.  Phil therefore left banking to design and co-found ReMATCH a service which was to quickly become the leading global CDS market risk reduction and analytical platform.

Phil joined BGC in 2016 to grow their predictive pricing and analytical technology. With the industry wide focus on MIFID II this remit was expanded and DataLAB was conceived to capitalise on the opportunities regulation and the explosion of Big Data will present.  Phil and his team drive data innovation within FENICS MD and the BGC Group, embracing the fast paced discipline of Data Science.